Fall – The Perfect Season for Hot Tubbing

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FALL. It’s a season when Canadians truly embrace the great outdoors. The air is cool and crisp. The foliage is simply stunning. So is it any wonder so many hot tub owners admit they spend more time soaking in the fall, when compared to other seasons?

Fall – The Perfect Season for Hot Tubbing

Last year, we asked Hot Tub Covers Canada.ca followers on Facebook to tell us when they take to the hot tub most. Amazingly, the majority of respondents said fall, with winter coming in second. What were the top three reasons cited?

hot tubbing in the fall leaves#3 – Early Sun Sets
With the sun setting earlier, many people who struggle to stay up for a late-night dip get to enjoy added time in the hot tub. Others noted you can slip into the water, watch the sun set, and then enjoy the starry night.

#2 – Cool Nights
Let’s be honest. During a hot, humid summer, soaking in your cool-water hot tub may not bring much relief. Winter soaks are always a delight, especially as snow falls. Unfortunately, there is that little business of exiting the hot tub and venturing back to the house!

Enter fall – a season where the water temperature is just right. Not to mention you can still wander to and from the hot tub without freezing your digits.

#1 – Trees. Glorious Trees. 

Hot tub owners agreed – fall leaves are dazzling. Reds, golds, yellows, oranges, green. The world around us is sharing its unique beauty and there is so much to appreciate and discover.

Needless to say, if there was ever a time to turn off the television and put away electronics devices, this is it. Get outside and enjoy the view… from your hot tub!


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