Hot Tub World Records

Ever wonder how many hot tub world records exist?  After reading all the bizarre and creative ways people are sharing their adoration for swimming pools and hot tubs, we decided it was a topic worth exploring.


First, we have a Guinness World Record.  In November 2012, a Spanish store called the Jacuzzi Outlet put twenty-six people representing 26 countries into a hot tub for five minutes.  This event established the world record (still unchallenged in 2014) for most nationalities in a Jacuzzi.



hot tub world recordsThen we have Andre van Zijl, who has broken over 39 world records.  In June 2013, he planned to spend two weeks in a hot tub, in a mall, in a wet suit.  The ultimate goal?  Raise awareness and funds for children living with HIV/Aids.  He successfully earned himself a spot in the hot tub world records, with 12.5 days spent soaking.



hot tub world recordsCappuccino anyone?  In September 2012, more than 1000 baristas in Croatia worked around the clock to fill a 2000 litre/440 gallon hot tub with cappuccino.  This attempt beat existing hot tub world records (yes, existing!) by 455 litres/100 gallons.



hot tub world recordsFinally, we go back in time to August 1990.  Billed at the time as America’s “Premier Naturist Resort”, Paradise Lakes Resort managed to fit 307 naked people into a hot tub.



We suspect there are plenty more hot tub world records floating around.  Have you read about or seen photos of something bizarre or unique?  The team at
Hot Tub Covers Canada would love to hear the tale!

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