The Ultimate Reason to Maintain Your Hot Tub

Do you sometimes slack off in keeping your hot tub clean? Are you a little bit lazy when it comes to sanitizing procedures? Well, this article by the Edmonton Journal should provide you with the ultimate motivation to keep things spick and span!

The article deals with the trial of an Austrian hotel manager, who is on trial for manslaughter after a women died, allegedly as a result of using the hotel’s unsanitary hot tub. It is alleged that the woman acquired a deadly bacteria while relaxing in the hot tub, and died 10 days later of multiple organ failure. The defence argues that the woman was seriously ill prior to using the hot tub, and although they acknowledge that the hot tub was unclean, argue that it was not responsible for her death.

It remains to be seen whether the hotel manager is criminally responsible for the woman’s death, but one thing both sides agree on is that the hot tub in question was not clean. And not only can a dirty hot tub be dangerous, but it sure won’t win you any favours from your guests.

We don’t want to scare you here, just give you a little extra motivation to keep your hot tub spic and span! Dirty hot tubs can harbour dangerous bacteria that can make you and your guests seriously ill. In addition, trying to impress someone by showing them your hot tub isn’t all that effective when there is nasty foam and sludge floating in it! So invest the time on a regular basis to keep your hot tub clean and sanitary, and you can relax without having to worry!

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