Chemical Storage

chemical storageSurprisingly, a topic rarely discussed in the pool and hot tub industry is proper chemical storage. For some reason, we all assume everyone is aware of proper chemical handling and storage procedures.

Earlier this spring, we posted an article on “Preparing for Spring Opening”. One point addressed was the importance of inspecting your pool and hot tub chemicals. While chemicals do not technically expire, they do lose potency over time. Good chemical storage practices can keep your family safe. Here are some guidelines from the various manufacturers.

Original Packaging
With indoor and outdoor space at a premium, and it can be very tempting to transfer chemicals to smaller containers. No matter how enticing your space savings measures might seem, it is essential to use the original packaging. Pool and hot tub chemicals are packaged with important safety information and warnings, and this information should always be readily available. In case of an accidental ingestion, first responders will use the product information labels to assist with first aid.

Never Mix Chemicals
“They all go into the water together, why not put everything into one container?” The urge to mix chemicals for space saving can be appealing. However, mixing pool or hot tub chemicals can create a safety hazard. While we may mix chemicals into large bodies of water, it does not mean pre-mixing in one container is a safe or smart measure.

Read The Labels
Every chemical designed for use in a pool or hot tub will have a product information and warning label. This label includes chemical storage instructions, a “best before” date, and in some cases an effectiveness rating. Like traditional household cleaners, pool products can be combustible. It is essential to read the labels, and adhere to the suggested storage guidelines. Failure to comply with the warnings can reduce shelf life or put your family in danger. Under no circumstances should pool or hot tub chemicals be accessible to children or pets.

Chemical Disposal
It is entirely possible for a chemical to reach its expiry date before you have used up the product. Chemicals should never be placed in a garbage bag or left curbside for collection. Instead, follow the disposal methods your city or town offers; in most cases, a visit to a recycling or hazardous waste depot will be necessary. Never flush, drain or dump chemicals anywhere on your property.

When it comes to pool and hot tub ownership, the responsibilities can seem endless. Never hesitate to contact a manufacturer if you have questions or concerns about chemical storage or handing. On behalf of the teams at Hot Tub Covers Canada and Sun Covers Canada, be water safe and water smart!

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