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  • The Ultimate Reason to Maintain Your Hot Tub

    The Ultimate Reason to Maintain Your Hot Tub

    Do you sometimes slack off in keeping your hot tub clean? Are you a little bit lazy when it comes to sanitizing procedures? Well, this article by the Edmonton Journal should provide you with the ultimate motivation to keep things spick and span! The article deals with the trial of an Austrian hotel manager, who
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  • Emergency Hot Tub Water

    Jun 17, 11 • WaterNo Comments
    Emergency Hot Tub Water

    OK.  So it’s emergency time.  You’ve been without water in your house for several hours already.  Can you use the water in your hot tub? Emergency Preparedness Canada recommends: “Aim to have an emergency survival kit that will keep you and your family self-sufficient in your home for at least three days.” The US Federal
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  • Playboy’s Killer Hot Tub?

    Apr 28, 11 • CelebrityNo Comments
    Playboy’s Killer Hot Tub?

    You have to hand it to Playboy founder Hugh Heffner – never a dull moment at his parties. At one of the recent parties at the Playboy Mansion, over 120 guests were treated to the sometimes deadly Legionnaire’s Disease. Los Angeles County public health inspectors report that legionella bacteria was found in the famous Grotto
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