Is a Hot Tub a Novelty Item?

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Misconceptions run rampant in the hot tub and spa industry. From how often to change the filter to whether you should saltwater chlorinate. Bottom line, everyone has an opinion and that’s perfectly acceptable!

Is a Hot Tub a Novelty Item?

Always a hot topic, especially as homeowners start planning their outdoor spaces for the spring and summer, is whether a hot tub is a novelty item.

hot tub noveltyFor as long as the industry has been around, people have said a hot tub or spa is a novelty item. While this may have been the case years ago, the modern day hot tub is built with innovation and technology in mind. With small one-person options to large, family-sized models, a hot tub provides a great opportunity to put down the smartphone, step away from the computer, and reconnect with loved ones.

An added benefit to the hot tubs of today is the health and medical benefits: individuals suffering from ailments which improve or resolve with water therapy can now find solace in the privacy of their backyard oasis.


Buying a hot tub is not a decision many people enter lightly. A lot of research is done to determine the right size, the right features and if the maintenance is manageable.

If you ask the team at Hot Tub Covers Canada, our “opinion” is that today’s hot tubs are well-made and made to last. By no means are they a novelty. We see them as a gateway to improving your lifestyle and overall health. Do you agree?

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