One Shopper’s Experience with a Hot Tub from China

It seems that nowadays almost everyone has some kind of story where they got burned buying cheaply made goods from China.

My friend just told me a story yesterday of how he bought an iPhone when in China on a business trip, and when he got to his hotel room he found it had come sans electronics or circuitry, and he’d basically just bought a very expensive piece of glass.

It turns out hot tubs are no exception either! My neighbour bought a hot tub from Ebay back in 2006, and since then has had nothing but trouble with it. He was constantly having to get it repaired for leaks as well as faulty wiring and other electronic troubles. Well enough was enough. This is what I saw in his driveway the other morning after he’d been at it with a sawzall. Apparently he’d finally given up on it and was on his way to the dump!

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