Steamy Scenes from Hollywood’s Hot Tubs

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Who can resist a hot tub party? Not me! And not Hollywood, if you consider some of the scenes in which a hot tub had a part in a movie or TV show.

Charlie Wilson’s War opens with Tom Hanks’ character in a hot tub with several naked women.

Go back a few years to the movie Species, where Natasha Henstridge plays an alien who lures a man into a hot tub. Bet if you saw it you couldn’t stop watching because you wanted to know if he’d escape!

hot tub time machine movie shotMore recently, Hot Tub Time Machine was released, where John Cusack’s character Adam and pals somehow ended up in a hot tub that worked as a time machine. They went back and visited their younger selves, and ended up righting their present and future life paths.

Hollywood shows us that hot tubs can be sexy, dangerous and even help us realize we like ourselves; hot tubs may be one area where Hollywood is right about something, at least in my opinion.

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