2016 Hot Tub Trends – Chromatherapy

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As we hit the middle of January, already the hot tub and spa industry is abuzz with discussion around the latest trends.  One of the topics we keep hearing bounced around is chromatherapy.

hot tub covers canada chromatherapy light therapyConsidered an advanced therapy option used in conjunction with hydrotherapy, chromatherapy is the use of coloured lights to enhance a shower or bath.  Simply put: chromatherapy is light therapy.

Granted LED technology has been used in hot tubs for several years now, but it looks like we will see a push towards using colour sequences to further benefit from soaking in a hot tub.  Which brings us to a question posted on our Facebook page: What colours should I be using?    

Turquoise or Blue: Often considered a key stress-reducing colour, offering peace and serenity.  For many, turquoise and blue conjure up imagery of a tropical beach, and thus the popularity of this colour.

Green: The bringer of spiritual balance and harmony, green lighting is considered a medicinal and depressive colour.  Perfect for those who need to relax or find their inner calm.

Orange: Energy boost, invigorating and revives a tired mind, body and soul.

Yellow: Great colour for the creative minds, especially those who use hydrotherapy as a means to trigger inspiration.  Yellow is also regarded as a confidence and hopeful colour.  Looking for a dose of happy?  Go yellow!

Red: Noted for its warmth, red can lift spirits and heighten courage.  It would be fair to say red remains a popular colour choice for the romantic types, as the colour is bold and energizing.

White: It may sound counterintuitive, but white is also used in chromatherapy.  The purity of the colour can help clear the mind and senses, and for many it brings a cool and soothing tranquility.

If you are looking to enhance your time spent in the hot tub or spa, the team at Hot Tub Covers Canada suggests further exploring colour therapy.  There are many excellent references on the topic, and many wellness centres can help craft a colour sequence or suggest the best colours for your personal health.

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