Top Tips To Keep Creatures From Falling Into Your Hot Tub

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Creatures come in all forms, from neighbourhood pets and wild animals to bugs and yes, even people. Dragons and Basilisks are also creatures, but today we’ll be discussing how to keep real-life creatures from falling into your hot tub.   Here are the top ten ways to protect your hot tub from creature invasions.

1. Deck Fence – The easiest way to keep your deck or patio safe from unwanted guests, in the form of neighbourhood pets, wild animals and people, is by erecting a security fence. A security fence, much like a pool fence, can be something as simple as a four-foot high chainlink fence with a locking gate. This fence will help to keep animals out and send a message to humans that they are not invited.  It won’t work so well against insects, spiders or worms.  Nor against dragons.  But it will save you from having to remove a drowned skunk from your hot tub.  Contact a local fence company to have one installed.

2. Yard Fence – A yard fence, or privacy fence, will enclose you entire yard helping to keep animals and people out. This will help you to keep your hot tub from hosting unwanted visitors, and the privacy fence will also provide you with some much needed privacy for those late night romantic dips in the hot tub.  This is much like the deck fence, but it protects a wider area.  Presumably that includes your hot tub.

3. Hot Tub Covers – Hot tub covers are a great way to keep bugs out of the water. These covers are easy to use and should be used every time you get out of the tub. The covers not only ensure that spiders and dragon flies and beetles do not land in the water by accident but also do not allow mosquitoes and other pests to make their nests in the water.

4. Plastic Owl – Your kids will love this one. A plastic owl works like a scarecrow for smaller birds and rodents. Typically these owls are used in gardens to keep your plants from being eaten, but it is also a great way to keep these unwanted visitors and their leavings out of your hot tub.  Yes, their leavings (if you have problems with pigeon poop around your hot tub, this is for you).  “Hey, kids – come back with that plastic owl.  What do you think it is, a toy?”

5. Herbs – If chemical sprays are not your forte you can always go the natural route by sprinkling herbs around your patio. Dried spices like cinnamon, chili powder, and black pepper will not only deter animals but they have also been known to be avoided by many crawling insects like ants. (WARNING: This will not deter your Aunt Mavis who loves to bring over well-seasoned soup…but you might not want to deter her.)

6. Citronella Candle – Although citronella candles will deter many animals from entering your hot tub, it is also a great way to keep the area free from mosquitoes, black flies and other buzzing pests.  No word on dragons, but I suspect you would need a pretty big candle to catch their attention.

7. Sprays – There are many commercial sprays on the market that will help to keep bugs and animals away. Most animal repellents are made to mimic the scent of predators such as foxes and wolves and come in the form of pellets that you can sprinkle around your patio.  The alternative would be to get a couple wolves as pets.  Exactly – go for the spray.

8. Household Products – Vaseline, chalk, baby powder, vinegar, dish soap and even glass cleaner are great household products that you can use to keep insects away from your hot tub. The strong scents that these products give off may also help to keep animals away as well.  Enough of them, and you might keep unwanted guests away, too.

9. Chlorine – Chlorine will help to keep your hot tub water bug and insect free by killing off any of the insect eggs and larva that the water born bugs may have laid. Whenever using chlorine make sure you follow the instructions properly. It’s one thing to have a bug free hot tub, but if too much chlorine is used the water won’t be safe for you to use.

10. Kitchen Tent – Although it may seem a little extreme, erecting a kitchen tent over your hot tub will keep those annoying insects from buzzing in your ears while also keeping their four legged furry counterparts away from your hot tub.  This is an ideal solution for someone who is truly allergic to mosquitoes.

This is a guest post written by Jay Fence, who runs the North American Fence Builders Association, which lists fence companies, such as Toronto Fence and Chicago Fence.  Fence-builders can help keep out the four-legged creatures; use additional strategies for the bugs and birds (and dragons).

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