Safe and Responsible Disposal of Your Old Hot Tub Cover

So you’ve found the perfect new hot tub cover for your hot tub. You old cover is heavy and waterlogged, and ready for the dump. But is a landfill the best way to dispose of it? There may be a better way.

First, can you reuse your old hot tub cover?

Back in September we covered some creative ways to reuse your old hot tub cover. We suggested using it to transport something across water, or to cut a boogie board out of it, or even to reuse the foam as insulation somewhere else. Reusing it is definitely more environmentally friendly than throwing it away, and if you can find a new use for it you’ll be saving money you would have spent on something else.

If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, or have no reason to reuse it, can you recycle it?

Yes, you absolutely can recycle parts of it, if you take it apart and separate the different materials. You can cut the seam with a box cutter, open the zippers, and pull out the foam insulation and metal stiffeners. Cut up the vinyl and any plastic vapour barrier that still exists between the vinyl and the foam (vapour barrier tends to break down over time). Cut the foam into smaller pieces and bag it. The metal pieces can be taken to a metal recycling facility and usually recycled for free (metal recycling is usually available at or near your local landfill. This vinyl and foam may be able to be recycled in your area, or it may need to go in the garbage bin.

Check with your municipality for local landfill information and recycling initiatives.

If you’re unable to reuse or recycle a hot tub cover for any reason, should you just throw it out?

As with most items these days, it is usually preferable if you can find a way to reuse it or recycle it in some fashion. If this is not possible, your local landfill will likely accept it as waste material.

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