Cool Water Hot Tub

cool water hot tubAre you among the 78% of hot tub owners who suspend their stress-relieving soaks during the summer months? An online survey showed the vast majority of hot tub aficionados choose to close their tubs instead of using a cool water temperature from late June to early September.

While it may conflict with popular opinion, your hot tub can be a wonderful place to cool-off during the summer months. Modern hot tubs are designed with a “cool water” mode, where the temperature is reduced to 85°F or lower. Mature models can be set manually to a cool temperature, or the heater can be turned off.

Owners can preserve their cool water hot tub by using a well-insulated cover during the sunny, humid days. A quality cover ensures your cool water hot tub is not absorbing heat from the sun. At night, remove your hot tub cover and run the jets. This setup, combined with natural evaporation, will consistently help cool your water.

For those concerned with costs to run a hot tub during the summer months, the following factors are significant.

1. Running a hot tub in “cool water” mode or with a heater turned off will drastically cut hydro electricity costs.
2. Costs for water balance and sanitization products is reduced. Thanks to the cooler water temperature, balancers and sanitizers have a longer life or improved performance.

This summer, think twice about closing up your hot tub. You made a major investment, and you deserve to relish in its splendor year round. Sit back, and enjoy the benefits of a cool water hot tub soak. We guarantee you will feel calm, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

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