Cleaning Hot Tub Jets

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Your backyard hardshell hot tub is composed to many small and large parts. While many homeowners set reminders to clean the filter, replace the filter or perform water changes, an integral component is often overlooked or forgotten.

Hot Tub Jets

hot tub jets cleaningAsk anyone about their favourite part of a hot tub soak and the answer will be clear: the massage garnered from the spa jets. Yet these same jets are the component overlooked by many. For some reason, we take their cleanliness and efficiency for granted.

While hot tubs are equipped with powerful cleaning systems and state-of-the-art filters, sometimes the smallest pieces of sand or other detritus will manage to bypass the filter. In addition, naturally occurring calcium in the water may also build up. These particles circulate via the jets, which means over time they can slowly cause jet-clogging deposits.

Ideally a hot tub owner should clean the shell of the hot tub and the jets at least once or twice a year. This will ensure the shell remains in top condition and the jets do not lose function and continue to blow water or rotate just like new.

Cleaning Hot Tub Jets

Hot tub owners with hard water conditions are advised to seek out guidance or support from their local manufacturer or pool and spa depot. Excessive calcium or iron deposits can be difficult to remove from hot tub surfaces, including the jets and the scum line. While it may be tempting to scrape at the deposits with tools or razors, this is not recommended. Seek out professional advice if the soaking method, noted below, does not assist in remedying the situation.

NOTE: Before performing any hot tub maintenance, ensure you have the necessary skills or tools at your disposal. Always follow the maintenance directions per your Owner’s Manual. Remember to always turn off the power when removing hot tub components. When in doubt, seek professional guidance.

  1. Follow the directions in your Owner’s Manual and carefully remove the jets. Most modern-day hot tubs have jets that twist for removal and reinsertion.
  2. Soak the hot tub jets in a 50/50 solution of pain white vinegar and water. Soaking times will vary depending on clogging or accumulated debris. For hard deposits, expect to wait 3-5 hours.
  3. Every hours, gently rotate or swirl the jet in the vinegar/water solution.
  4. Once the majority of the deposits have dissolved, remove the jets from the vinegar/water solution, rinse in clean water and wipe off any leftover, softened deposits.
  5. Replace and re-secure the cleaned jets into your hot tub.

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