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  • Cleaning Hot Tub Jets

    Mar 28, 17 • Hot Tub EducationNo Comments
    Cleaning Hot Tub Jets

    Your backyard hardshell hot tub is composed to many small and large parts. While many homeowners set reminders to clean the filter, replace the filter or perform water changes, an integral component is often overlooked or forgotten. Hot Tub Jets Ask anyone about their favourite part of a hot tub soak and the answer will
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  • Keeping your hot tub clean

    Jul 12, 13 • Cover Care, Spa MaintenanceNo Comments
    Keeping your hot tub clean

    You probably don’t like it, but you have to do it: Clean your hot tub. It’s no one’s favourite task, but it’s crucial if you want to enjoy your hot tub. There are small things you can do to keep your hot tub clean regularly, making cleaning it seem less daunting. Shock oxidizers: Shocking your
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