Hot Tub Sun Coverage

Spring weather has arrived across Canada and with it comes excitement for family gatherings and backyard parties. If this is your first spring and summer with a hot tub, you will quickly discover the benefits of a cool water hot tub.While a cool water hot tub may not be on par with a swimming pool, it is certainly a viable option for those who want to kick-back, cool off and enjoy a mid-day soak.

hot tub sun coverage ideasIf you are planning to run your hot tub in its cool water mode, you may want to start thinking ahead to a form of hot tub sun coverage. Awnings, gazebos, and hot tub umbrellas are all popular methods of delivering shade and providing protection from the sun’s rays.

If you hot tub is already located in a shady spot or you want to improve your privacy, consider installing a wind barrier or shutters. While these elements are popular with those seeking to cut windchill for winter hot tubbing, they are certainly worthy of consideration for all-season hot tub lovers.

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