Hot Tub Views Under the Northern Lights

As winter unfolds its icy embrace across Canada, a celestial dance awaits those who seek refuge in the warmth of their hot tubs. Beyond the bustling holiday chaos, a cosmic spectacle is about to grace the skies—the northern lights. This enchanting display, known as the Aurora Borealis, is set to add an ethereal glow to our evenings.

Painting the Night Sky

Forecasters and scientists predict a surge in the northern lights this year, courtesy of a recent geomagnetic storm on the sun’s surface. While the source is known, the exact moment of collision with Earth’s magnetic field remains elusive. However, hot tub owners know that late-evening soaks optimize chances of spotting the unusual and unforgettable, so if you’re kicking back, aim your eyes skyward.

What Are The Auroras?

Auroras paint the night sky with hues that captivate the beholder. Green, arising from oxygen atoms, dances vibrantly in the Aurora Borealis. Subtle shades of red, stemming from oxygen, add a touch of elegance. But most stunning is the purple, born from nitrogen lines, creating a breathtaking celestial sight.

For those eager to witness this cosmic display of lights, tools like the University of Alberta’s magnetometer offer real-time updates on Earth’s magnetic field.

The coming December nights hold the promise of an extraordinary blend—soothing hot tub soaks under the ever-shifting canvas of the northern lights.

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