Warm Drinks to Enjoy in the Hot Tub

hot chocolate hot tub partyAll across Canada, winter is in full swing. While the West (wet?!) Coast residents may be enjoying milder temperatures, you know things are cold on the East Coast when the Rideau Canal Skateway opens early.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Last weekend, one of the Hot Tub Covers Canada team members invited a few friends for a hot tub soak. After a long day on the ski hill, the soothing water was a welcome relief – even if the outside temperature and windchill were significant!

Outside of making sure the guests kept their head and ears warm, our staff member also served up some warm drinks. His list included hot chocolate, Irish Coffee, and Hot Toddies.

Which leads us to ask – what are you favourite warm drinks to enjoy while soaking in the hot tub or spa?

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