Battling Depression with a Hot Tub

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depressionOver 10% of North Americans suffer from depression.  While treatable via therapy and medication, the costs can add up.  As an alternative to traditional treatments, medical professionals are exploring the use of hot tub therapy to alleviate or ward off depression.

Releasing Endorphins

It turns out soaking in a heated hot tub releases an “endorphin rush“.  Endorphins produce a natural high, causing the body and brain to feel pleasure.  Even after a 5 minute soak, your stress level is reduced.  Late-evening hot tub soaks can contribute towards a good night’s sleep.  Improved sleep is our body’s mechanism to mood balancing.  Hot tub owners who soak for at least 15 minutes on a daily basis are reported to have low-key temperaments and virtually no signs of depression.

Heat, Massage & Buoyancy

Working together, heat, massage and buoyancy may be the keys to managing or avoiding depression.  While a hot tub is by no means a substitute for medical care, it might be worth asking your Doctor about the benefits of water immersion therapy in the treatment of depression.

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