Hot Tub Star Gazing

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hot tub star gazingNew hot tub owners are delighted to discover the beauty of the night sky from their bubbling oasis. For some, the spectacular views of the moon and stars awakens a desire to learn more about astronomy. In many cases, a lover of hot tub star gazing is born.

Whether you are a new or existing hot tub owner, several Hot Tub Covers Canada customers offered their star gazing tips.

Star Gazing – Telescope

Invest in a telescope you can place on your deck or adjacent to your hot tub. Star gazing with a magnified view is awe inspiring, and a great learning tool for families with children.

Star Gazing – Spot the Station

Thanks to Mission Control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, you can Spot The Station (the International Space Station) as it becomes visible around your location. Visit the star gazing and sighting tool. Select your Country, Province or State, and locate the closest city. Then sit back, and enjoy the show.

Star Gazing – Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights, is an incredible phenomenon caused by solar particles reacting with the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The spectacular shows are commonly witnessed by residents in Northern Canada, but southerners can catch glimpses from time to time. The Canadian Space Agency has an excellent website, called AuroraMAX, which provides best viewing times and locations, coupled with a live feed from Yellowknife.

Star Gazing – Full Moon

Hot tubbers rarely miss an occasion to soak under a full moon. The Farmers’ Almanac continues to publish a full moon schedule. Perfect for those who like to plan in advance!

Next time you are enjoying a late night soak, remember to look up. From stars to the moon, meteor showers to comets, you never know what might fly by or capture your attention.

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