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  • Hot Tub Exercises for Hands and Wrists

    Jul 1, 15 • HealthNo Comments
    Hot Tub Exercises for Hands and Wrists

    A friend recently had a consultation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Before her Doctor will entertain surgery, he suggested taking advantage of her hot tub.  Why?  It turns out there are a list of hot tub exercises for hands and wrists. Much like hot tub owners who enjoy a daily, therapeutic soak, individuals suffering from Carpal
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  • Battling Depression with a Hot Tub

    Jun 25, 15 • HealthNo Comments
    Battling Depression with a Hot Tub

    Over 10% of North Americans suffer from depression.  While treatable via therapy and medication, the costs can add up.  As an alternative to traditional treatments, medical professionals are exploring the use of hot tub therapy to alleviate or ward off depression. Releasing Endorphins It turns out soaking in a heated hot tub releases an “endorphin rush“.  Endorphins
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  • Canine Hot Tub Therapy

    Canine Hot Tub Therapy

    Canine hot tub therapy surfaced in the late 1990’s.  Several advocates in North America were having great success treating arthritic dogs with warm water massage.  Over the years, several associations popped up, advocating the use of canine hot tub therapy for dogs suffering from muscle injuries, hip dysplasia and arthritis.  From assisted swimming, underwater treadmills
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