Fanboy Hot Tub Covers You Just Gotta Have (Part 1)

You see people walking around with designs of all kinds on their T-shirts.  You see flash drives in all sorts of forms.  People personalize almost everything these days.  So why not their hot tub covers?

Some hot tub covers come with ads on them Pee-ew.  Who wants a company billboard splattered across their backyard.  Others come tastefully blank (yes, ours do).  But would it not be more fun if you could have your favourite visual theme?  Perhaps a scene from a cult movie favourite.  Or one of Mother Nature’s Greatest Hits.  Or perhaps something a bit more highbrow?

Here are a few Fanboy Hot Tub Covers that you just gotta get.

Super Mario. Mario is perhaps the king of fanboydom.  Imagine how everybody’s favourite video game hero could come to life right in your back yard. If you are a gamer or a geek who knows better than to bring electrical devices into your hot tubs with you, this is the ideal cover design.

Pacman. Older gamers will love this classic (which even our kids today play on hand-held devices).  If your hot tub is round, Pacman is perfect. He’ll fit to a tee.

Lara Croft. For those who want a little more action in their backyard, put Lara on your hot tub cover.

A black hole. OK, so we cheated here. A black hole is basically just black. Just a blank hot tub cover cover. But you can invite over your Trekkie friends and tell them it’s a black hole.  Watch them go crazy trying to avoid falling in.

A polar bear. This is the ideal design for Canadian fanboys. The polar bear is Mother Nature’s way of saying, “May the force be with you.”  It is a symbol of strength, able to rip human flesh from the bone in just a few seconds flat, one of the strongest animals in the world. And the polar bear is a symbol of Canada’s frigid Arctic weather. What hardy Canadian doesn’t fancy himself to be the very definition of strength and endurance, able to withstand the coldest Canadian deep freeze with a single bound (into the hot tub, of course)?

An optical illusion. You could have real fun with this – especially on April Fools. Try printing an image of the inside of your hot tub right on the cover.  Make it so that when someone looks at the hot tub…they don’t even see the cover. The image might show the tub empty. Or it could show bubbles or steam (could be tricky, as there would not be movement). Or just calm water.  Yeah, calm water…invite your friends to hop on it.  Ha ha ha. Good clean harmless fun (especially if you make your guests remove their glasses BEFORE they pass through the patio doors).

An ode to Poseidon. Yes, the dude who was ruler of the water. Put his logo on your hot tub cover to make your unofficial spa his seat of power in your world. You might never live in a palace with a drawbridge and a moat. You might never rule over an empire with slaves and minions. But you have Poseidon’s throne for a spa. Doesn’t that make you feel special?

A flower garden. This is probably one of the best ideas, just because it can blend in so well with the rest of the landscaping that you have already in place. In fact, there are some definite advantages to printing flower images on your hot tub cover:

1. It’s a colourful and lively design.

2. You can have a seamless flower garden that flows from one side of the hot tub to the other.  The hot tub in between would part of a bigger flower-power plan.

3. You can “grow” species that would not normally survive in your climate…especially in the harsh climate of Canada.  You can invent all new species (Think “Avatar”).

4. It makes great camouflage. “Hot tub? What hot tub? I don’t see any hot tub – do you see a hot tub?”

Stay tuned for more great ideas in our next blkog post, which will be aptly entitled “Fanboy Hot Tub Cover You Just Gotta Have (Part 2)”

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