Dog-gone Wild for Luxury Living

Kaley Cuoco, recently regaled tales of her beloved dog’s obsession with Cuoco’s jacuzzi on The Ellen Show.

According to Kaley, The Big Bang Theory’s leading actress, she and her boyfriend came home one night and could not find her precious pooch, Shirley (the youngest of Cuoco’s 3 rescue pitbulls), anywhere.

Finally, the dog was found out back, soaking in the hot tub.

“I cannot get her out,” insists Cuoco, repeatedly, naturally perplexed by her beloved canine’s quirky reluctance to leave the pool. Strangest of all is that Shirley will get up when she’s had enough heat, jump into the pool, and then head right back in to the hot tub at will.

Looks like the dog days are not quite yet over for this bunch. Have you ever known a pet to do something similarly, so unexpectedly human?

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