When is the best time to close your pool for the season?

wintering pool for winter months As Canadians, we have a precious 4 month time window in which we may enjoy our pools. The soaring summer temperatures provide the perfect back drop for a day of rest, relaxation and lounging in the outdoor pool. But what is the ideal time to say good bye to summer, and begin to prepare your pool for the frigid realities of a Canadian winter?

Preparing your outdoor pool for those dreaded months when you won’t be using it is a fairly time consuming task. Here are some hints for finding the perfect weekend to close your outdoor pool:

  • When the night time temperature reaches around 4-5 degrees Celsius, your neighborhood has officially been introduced to the Canadian pool closing season!
  • It is usually a good time to close your pool if the day time temperatures are hovering around 15-17 Celsius.
  • Beware of Algae growth: If you close your outdoor pool too early in the season you put your pool at risk for algae overgrowth

Winterizing your outdoor pool is a process that requires a few days to properly follow all of the recommended steps to closing an outdoor pool. The average temperatures and weather are a great indicator of when it is the best time to tackle this timely task!

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