Rainy Days

rainy daysA delayed spring filled, followed by mixed weather and rainy days has pool owners yearning for summer. Speculation abounds on what Mother Nature has in store. Rural communities across Canada still reference the Old Farmers Almanac. Their winter 2013-2014 predictions were incredibly accurate, and many feel the forecasted high temperatures with soaring humidex and rainy days will be spot-on. Meteorologists across Canada and the USA seem to share a similar sentiment.

While children are generally unaffected by swimming during rain showers, adults are less likely to take a dip. For many, rain is the destroyer of poolside pleasures, and can dampen any celebration. Outside of the obvious dismay, rainy days can also impact water chemistry. Rain can negate all the hard work you devoted to guarantee crystal clear pool water. So what does the wet summer forecast mean for pool owners across the country?

Anyone with a backyard pool needs to realize rain, especially in high volume, can predominately impact water pH, TDS, and calcium hardness. In-ground pool owners have one additional factor to consider: inorganics. During rainy days, landscaping products can run off into the pool water. Notorious for impacting water quality and promoting algae growth is inorganic fertilizer and weed sprays. If possible, keep the use of these products at a minimum; especially in close proximity to a pool.

How can you cope with rain upsetting your water chemistry? Be prepared to test your water over and over again. Experienced pool owners suggest keeping ahead of chemical imbalances by testing repeatedly during long or heavy periods of rain. If you notice an imbalance, correct it right away. Do not wait. Others suggest draining excess water to ensure the skimmer functions at the correct level.

No matter how you handle a rainy summer, remember your pool does not have to be a burden. Keep up with testing and chemical applications, even during rainy periods. You, and your family, will appreciate the effort once the sun starts shining and the temperature soars!

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