Bizarre hot tub news stories

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Hot tubs don’t often make the news on their own. But every now and then, they make their way into news stories in very interesting ways. In a simple Google search for hot tubs this week, we couldn’t help but notice these bizarre hot tub stories. We want to share them with you.


After a bizarre crime spree that included arson and robbery, a man was finally located by police. He was found fully clothed in a hot tub. Clearly hot tubs don’t make the best hiding place.

Hot tub tailgating

We all know how much football fans love tailgating. But in the winter, it isn’t always easy. So, Philadelphia Eagles fans found a way to enjoy tailgating in sub zero temperatures. They brought a hot tub. How they got the hot tub into the stadium, we will never know. Regardless of the logistics, no one can deny that this idea is borderline genius.


It’s hot tub time

A hiker and his dog were found after they went missing, and the first thing he could think of was how much he was looking forward to getting into his hot tub. After all, if you were stuck in the woods for hours, wouldn’t you feel the same way?

When hot tubs make the news, it is rarely for subtle reasons. Have you heard or read any weird news stories involving hot tubs?

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