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  • The Awkward Hotel Hot Tub

    Mar 24, 19 • In the newsNo Comments
    The Awkward Hotel Hot Tub

    Awkward Hot Tub – Daren Streblow Who needs lifeguards anyway?To gain exclusive access to more than 100 full comedy specials as well as LIVE shows broadcast from our studio every Friday and Saturday night, become a Supporter of Dry Bar Comedy. Posted by Dry Bar Comedy on Friday, March 22, ...

  • Bizarre hot tub news stories

    Feb 12, 14 • EntertainingNo Comments
    Bizarre hot tub news stories

    Hot tubs don’t often make the news on their own. But every now and then, they make their way into news stories in very interesting ways. In a simple Google search for hot tubs this week, we couldn’t help but notice these bizarre hot tub stories. We want to share them with you. Busted After
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  • Top 3 funny hot tub crimes

    Jul 21, 13 • In the newsNo Comments
    Top 3 funny hot tub crimes

    Like the good hot tub researchers we are, we receive email alerts for hot tubs in the news. Usually, this yields results for sales and celebrity gossip. But occasionally, we find odd hot tub news stories, which we want to share with you. Here are the top three interesting hot tub news stories: “I’m cold!”
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