DIY Hot Tubs Gone Crazy

Most of us have the common sense to buy a hot tub from a reputable manufacturer. But some people don’t have common sense, but rather a different kind of sense – a sense of adventure. And when it comes to hot tubs, nothing says adventure like a do-it-yourself hot tub.

The definitive gallery of DIY hot tubs

I suppose you have to start somewhere.

This guy looks like he’s trying to drown his sorrows. He’ll probably need a deepr hot tub than that.

hot tub trucks

Driving a car is soooo stressful sometimes.

OK, what is it about Volkswagens?

“Are we having fun yet, Dad?”

Arrive at the finish line in comfort.

It’s like a rec room for truck drivers.

Redneck hot tub fun (ka-boom?)

These guys cheated – no way they did that themselves.

That’s one wild hot tub party!

OK, that’s better…but still not much of a party.

Ah…that’s more like it.

Ladies, please come over.

Gentlemen, please come over.

Ooh…a hot beer tub!

Well, it was cheaper than repairing the truck.

These guys might be playing with fire.

We had better end the gallery here, before that last one catches fire and starts burning up your computer screen. Don’t try any of these at home; it is much safer to just buy a hot tub with a hot tub cover that has been manufactured to keep out the ka-booms.

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10 years ago

Very good information. Lucky me I came across your site by chance (stumbleupon).

I have book marked it for later!

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