5 Smart Strategies to Cut Down Your Hot Tub Energy Expenses

As autumn’s glory slowly fades and our attention turns to the coming winter months, we empathize with the financial challenges many Canadians are facing. To assist you in managing your expenses effectively, the team at Hot Tub Covers Canada has compiled a set of proven tips to help you regulate your hot tub costs without compromising your comfort. Your relaxation shouldn’t come at the cost of financial strain, especially during these colder seasons.

How Much Does Your Hot Tub Impact Your Energy Bill?

When it comes to the precise impact on your energy bill, estimates vary. Depending on factors like usage, energy and delivery costs (which vary across Canada), and equipment age and features, the increase can be anywhere from 10-20%. While specific numbers might elude us, the following energy-saving strategies can make a significant difference.

1. Invest in an Efficient Hot Tub Cover
The right hot tub cover is your best defence against energy loss. Our premium VisionTech Fabric Covers offer exceptional UV resistance, ensuring your hot tub stays protected from the sun’s harsh rays, no matter the season. Additionally, a properly fitted cover prevents heat and water loss during every season, keeping your energy bill in check.

2. Dial Down the Thermostat
Every degree counts! Lowering your hot tub’s temperature even by a few degrees can substantially impact energy consumption without compromising your comfort. Small adjustments can lead to noticeable savings over time. If your hot tub can be operated with an app, make a point to use the functionality to raise and lower your temperature depending on the weather conditions and/or tub usage.

3. Shield Your Spa from the Wind
If your hot tub is exposed to strong winds, consider setting up windbreaks using fences or privacy panels. This not only prevents heat loss but also creates a more comfortable environment for your soak sessions.

4. Optimize Heating Schedule
Timing is everything. By programming your hot tub to heat during off-peak hours, you can reduce the strain on your energy supply during the day. A well-insulated cover ensures the heat is retained, so you can enjoy a warm soak even when the energy demand is high. And as noted above, if your hot tub or swim spa can be operated with an app — take advantage of the monitoring and adjustment tools to optimize your heating.

5. Implement Additional Energy-Saving Measures
Consider installing an energy-reflective underside for your hot tub cover, using a thermal blanket to minimize water evaporation, and checking and maintaining your equipment regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Get Smart! 

Efficient hot tub operation relies on heat retention. By implementing these strategies, you can maintain a comfortable temperature without burdening your wallet. Don’t forget, it all begins with a suitable, well-fitted cover that aligns with your hot tub and your surroundings. Have additional tips to share? Let us know!

For more details and to upgrade your existing hot tub cover, visit www.hottubcoverscanada.ca

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