Humour in the Hot Tub

There are seemingly endless ways hot tubs can be used in comedy; Saturday Night Live (SNL), over the past 30 years on the air, has most definitely found the most hilarious!

Our favourite example is Eddie Murphy acting as James Brown in the skit “James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub Party.”

Another funny man, previous cast member Will Ferrell used to star in “The Lovers” skits with Rachel Dratch, and numerous guest hosts. In many of these skits, the “couple” was in the hot tub, and they would discuss private details openly and to the utter disgust of anyone who may overhear them.

MadTV decided to get in on the hot tub comedy action with this skit about Lorraine and a Jacuzzi!

Have you ever had anything funny happen in a hot tub? Do you know of any funny hot tub skits or TV episodes we’re forgetting?

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