Halloween Hot Tub Scares

With Halloween coming up next week, we thought this was a good time to talk about all the scary (or just silly) pranks that people pull in hot tubs. This YouTube video shows a brother who decided that he should scare his sister by hiding in the hot tub with a spooky mask on, so that he could jump out and scare her when she opened the cover.

Lucky for us, he filmed the whole event, so we get to see his sister run around screaming afterwards. It was a pretty good prank, but it seems like it might be a little bit uncomfortable to have to hide under the cover of your hot tub (while wearing a sweaty rubber mask) for as long as it takes for your victim to come along.

However, a quick YouTube search proves that this seems to be a pretty popular prank. Not only do siblings use this technique to prank each other, so do husbands and wives, so I guess it’s not something you outgrow as you age!

In the category of more creative pranks, another popular technique seems to be to put soap in a hot tub, then turn the jets on, so that the owner of the hot tub has to deal with a gigantic, foamy, bubbly, soapy mess that overflows the hot tub and spreads everywhere!

This one may seem silly, but in terms of maintaining your hot tub, it really is scary! Hot tubs are not designed to handle soap suds, and all those bubbles can build up inside the plumping of the hot tub and damage the filters and heater. In addition, to get all the soap out, you will probably have to drain your hot tub, which wastes lots of water and energy.

Leaving the soap in will not only damage the components of the hot tub, it could cause a chemical imbalance in the hot tub, so the water will not be properly sanitized, and the mix of chemicals could cause dangerous side effects.

Soap doesn’t belong in your hot tub, and to be honest, it isn’t very scary either! We don’t think anyone will have nightmares about white fluffy bubbles, but your pocketbook might get quite a fright from having to pay for all those repairs! So we recommend next time you want to pull a prank on someone, settle for the good old mask routine. Or even better, think of a creative new prank that nobody has done before. Not only will you scare your victim, you could become the next big YouTube sensation!

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