Make the Switch to Saltwater

On the hunt for a saltwater chlorine generator? Thanks to a partnership with ControlOMatic, Hot Tub Covers Canada is an approved supplier of their impressive lineup of swimming pool, spa and hot tub chlorine generators.

Who Is ‘ControlOMatic’?

ControlOMaticControlOMatic has been designing and manufacturing saltwater chlorinators for the pool and spa industry. Originally with Acu-Trol back in 1993, this family run company located in Grass Valley, California, started producing their own label of spa chlorine generators in 2005. In 2008, they also delved into the chemical automation market.

Committed to helping commerical and residential customers improve water quality while reducing workload, the engineers behind the ControlOMatic products put great emphasis on easy-to-manage and easy-to-maintain solutions.

The ChlorMaker, SmarterSpa and MegaChlor are saltwater systems uniquely designed for hot tubs and spas. They bring the same water quality and maintenance reduction benefits that pool owners have enjoyed for years. Simply turn the water in your hot tub into saltwater by adding salt (about a teaspoon per gallon), and then let the chlorine generator take care of your sanitation needs. The salt requirements for our saltwater systems is very low, between 1,500 and 2,000 PPM, less than 6% of the salt concentration of the ocean, you most likely will not be able to taste the salt.

Make the Switch to Saltwater

Check out the Hot Tub Covers Canada curated selection of ControlOMatic Spa Chlorine Generators products, including a replacement cell for Hot Springs Spas!

For those with large scale swimming pool and spa operations, Control-O-Matic has an impressive range of automated solutions. For more in-depth information about these offerings, please contact us directly for support.



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