Safety First – Hot Tub Safety Clips

hot tub covers canada safety clipsIt’s all in the details…

When it comes to hot tub and spa safety, a simple inspection and replacement can make all the difference. If your spa cover clips or locks are showing wear or have become brittle, it’s time to invest in a new set.

Why Buy Replacement Hot Tub Safety Clips?

Use these clips to lock your tub when it is not in use. Prevent children or unwanted guests from gaining access to your hot tub. These clips are highly durable, and a set contains 4 full clips, hardware to install them and keys.


  • Made of hard, durable plastic to withstand harsh temperatures and everyday wear and tear.
  • Fully compatible with our hot tub covers. One side of the clip can be attached to a strap on the cover, while the other side can be attached to the hot tub.
  • Hardware necessary for installation is included.
  • A key safety device that can be locked to keep your hot tub secure.
  • Well suited for families with young children to prevent hot-tub related accidents.

Now on special at Hot Tub Covers Canada for $19.95/set


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