Everything you need for a hot tub party

By now, you’ve probably thrown your share of summer hot tub parties. We’ve even told you how to throw a fabulous patio party… and I can only assume you took our advice. But to make sure you have everything you need for your next party we’ve compiled a list of essential elements for any hot tub party:

Mini solar panel Solarrific

If your hot tub party takes place during the day, you don’t need any lights. But let’s face it, hot tub parties are best at night. If your patio lights don’t stretch all the way to your hot tub, you’re going to need some portable lights.

A mini solar panel will provide you with enough energy to charge your portable lights during day, so you can use them at light. Just leave it out before your party, or during your party if you plan on stretching it into the night.


This one is obvious. Once you charge your solar pack, you need lights to plug it into. You can find these lights anywhere, and in any shape or size to suit your preference.

Bluetooth speakers Speakers - Future Shop

What’s a party without music? Play music from your smartphone, no matter where it is with a set of Bluetooth speakers for the hot tub. You can find them in a range of prices, from as little as $40.

Drink Coolies

Cold drinks and hot water don’t mix well. Coolies keep your drink dry and cool (obviously). They are inexpensive and can be found pretty much anywhere. But these simple drink protectors will help save your party.

What would you add to the list? What do you think is essential for a hot tub party?

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