Types of Pool Lighting

With frosty winter weather in full swing, now is the perfect time to start planning for re-vamping your backyard next summer. You have a beautiful in ground pool, but does it stay beautiful once the sun goes down?

lighting up backyard poolsHere are some choices for illuminating your pool and transforming it into a glowing backyard spectacle:

Fiber Optic:
Fiber optic lighting is responsible for that beautiful coloured glow you’d love your pool to have. Illuminate the entire perimeter of your pool with a vibrant colour scheme of your choice. No heat, electricity, or wires are required. This is the best option for giving your pool a soft, relaxing glow.

LED lights:
LED lighting is formed by an LED projector. Working at an extremely low voltage, LED lighting systems radiate various hues at every moment.

Floating Lamps:
The latest trend in pool lighting. These ball-like lights effortlessly glide along the surface of the water, and create a relaxing ambiance. They double as a practical and aesthetically appealing choice for pool lighting.

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