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  • Tie Down Straps on your Hot Tub Cover

    Aug 7, 18 • Hot Tub AccessoriesNo Comments
    Tie Down Straps on your Hot Tub Cover

    Did you know that every replacement spa cover from Hot Tub Covers Canada offers 4 standard tie-down straps? These standard straps also offer 4 male-female locks, with a lock and key for added safety and security. Upgrade to Hurricane Straps For added hot tub cover protection, Hot Tub Covers Canada offers an upgrade to heavy
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  • Securing Hot Tub Covers

    Apr 7, 15 • Cover Care, SafetyNo Comments
    Securing Hot Tub Covers

    Weather patterns across North America vary greatly.  Some regions are prone to heavy snowfalls, while others cope with high winds and torrential rain year-round.  This is why Canadians and Americans should always invest in high quality hot tub covers, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. At Hot Tub Covers Canada, new and experienced hot tub
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