Hot Tub Covers: How heavy is too heavy?

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 Hot Tub Covers Canada does a lot of outreach via social media and our 1.877.544.COVER phone number. At least twice a week, we have customers asking us how to tell if their hot tub cover is waterlogged.  Or, in simpler terms: How heavy is too heavy? 

hottubcoverscanadaWhen it comes to giving customers some guidance, our team will first ask if you bought the hot tub cover new. If so, do you recall how light or heavy it was on delivery? Were you able to lift the cover on one side single-handedly? If your answers are “Yes, we bought it new and yes we used to be able to lift the one side with one hand, but now need two people” – chances are the cover is saturated with water!

If at any time a hot tub cover requires two or more people to lift, this is a solid indication the foam is likely waterlogged and the folding hinge is failing from the stress of repeated opening and closings.

Finally, cover manufacturers all offer different warranties. While Hot Tub Covers Canada proudly offers a 7-year warranty, others only offer a 3-4 year maximum. Ergo, the age of the cover will play a factor in how efficient the vinyl layer, vapour barrier and foam core will perform.

Repair or Replace?

While having to repair components or fully replace a hot tub cover can be expensive, the reality is a brand new replacement hot tub cover can reward you with energy savings. In a time where utilities are skyrocketing, a quality hot tub cover can actually help put money back in your pocket.

If you know what manufacturer designed and built your cover, it can be worthwhile to explore the costs of replacement foam or the vinyl skin. If you are unsure who manufactured your cover and you’re tired of trying to lift pounds upon pounds of water, connect with the Hot Tub Covers Canada team. We’d love to help build your custom fit cover!

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