Securing Hot Tub Covers

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Weather patterns across North America vary greatly.  Some regions are prone to heavy snowfalls, while others cope with high winds and torrential rain year-round.  This is why Canadians and Americans should always invest in high quality hot tub covers, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.


At Hot Tub Covers Canada, new and experienced hot tub owners often ask for the best method for securing hot tub covers.  We typically offer these three key steps.

Lock Down: Ensure your male/female lock down clips are securely fastened.

Tighten Straps: Once the male/female locks are clipped into place, tighten your tie-down straps.  Once tightened, push or pull your cover to see if there is movement.  If yes, continue tightening the straps to reduce give.

Hurricane Straps:  Tie-down and tighten your hurricane straps.  Do not have hurricane straps on your hot tub cover?  These weather protection straps can be custom ordered at any time.  They provide greater security of your hot tub cover (especially for East Coast hot tub owners), and are very affordable.  Details can be found at

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