Hot Tub Bandits

While finding a bear taking a soak in your outdoor spa might be cute (although alarming!), burglars are another story!

The Telegraph reports that the latest trend in burglaries in the UK seems to be robbers who like to relax in the hot tub before leaving secretly with thousands of pounds worth of stolen goods. In an even more bizarre twist, it seems the culprits like to leave their wet underwear at the scene of the crime after taking a dip!

Let’s hope this strange trend doesn’t spread to Canada, but just in case, remember to always lock your doors and windows, and don’t assume that a backyard fence will be as effective in keeping out humans as it is for other furry critters!

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12 years ago

This group has been around for a while! Can’t believe they’re still at it and they’re still getting away with it! You’d think someone would’ve caught them by now!

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