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  • Holiday Hot Tub Gatherings

    Dec 18, 19 • General InterestNo Comments
    Holiday Hot Tub Gatherings

    Can you believe it? We’re in the midst of Hanukkah, Christmas is but a few sleeps away… and soon we’ll be counting down to midnight. Where did 2019 go?! We were talking around the office today about our plans and traditions. Everyone was in agreement that the holidays are a time for merriment and festivity;
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  • Hot Tub Covers: How heavy is too heavy?

    Sep 7, 17 • Cover CareNo Comments
    Hot Tub Covers: How heavy is too heavy?

     Hot Tub Covers Canada does a lot of outreach via social media and our 1.877.544.COVER phone number. At least twice a week, we have customers asking us how to tell if their hot tub cover is waterlogged.  Or, in simpler terms: How heavy is too heavy?  There are a lot of variables to consider when answering this question.
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