Spa Snacking – Clean and Tidy

It’s probably not a good idea to eat sloppy spaghetti, or most anything, really, while in (or near) the hot tub. But if you’re entertaining, it’s likely you’ll want to offer up a few drinks and snacks to guests. So what to offer that won’t mess or clog up your spa? What about the dishes on which to serve your treats?

Fear not; we can help you narrow down your choices and ensure your spa stays clean and tidy with three simple rules for spa snacking. 

Rule 1: Think plastic. Don’t offer up your crystal champagne glasses, or even your regular everyday dinnerware. All it takes is one neighbour’s kid to take your nice plate into his slippery, wet hands, and drop it. Food in the hot tub, broken dishes on the ground — bare feet beware! Use plastic cutlery, plates, bowls and cups (not paper — paper plates and water is another recipe for disaster). Don’t forget: After your party, plastic dinnerware can be washed and reused, or recycled!

Rule 2: Think finger foods that won’t get soggy. Don’t serve up already-soggy foods like pasta with sauce, anything soupy or your Grandma’s famous jambalaya. Finger foods like veggie sticks are less messy, easy to eat, and if one happens to make its way into your spa, it’s easy enough to fish out. Tiny cut-up sandwiches are cute, but damp hands can make for soggy bread. If you want to offer cheese, meat, pickles or the like, consider offering toothpicks for picking them up (as long as your guests aren’t children who will leave sharp little toothpicks all over your yard).

Rule 3: Think simple. Don’t overdo it. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or the Barefoot Contessa when you’re throwing a hot tub party. If you use plastic dinnerware, offer simple finger foods, and offer a few extras (such as some hand sanitizer, towels for drying hands, bags for garbage and recycling nearby, etc.), you’re ahead of the game as far as keeping everything clean.

Do you have any ideas for snacking at a hot tub party? Any horror stories or success stories? We’d love to hear from you!

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