Holiday Hot Tub Gatherings

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Can you believe it? We’re in the midst of Hanukkah, Christmas is but a few sleeps away… and soon we’ll be counting down to midnight. Where did 2019 go?!

We were talking around the office today about our plans and traditions. Everyone was in agreement that the holidays are a time for merriment and festivity; but it’s also the perfect opportunity to reconnect while breaking bread. From tapas to latkes to turkey dinner, good food has the power to forge strong bonds and meaningful connections.

Many of us also agreed that once we’ve eaten to our hearts content, there is often time set aside for storytelling, board games and a soak in the hot tub.

In fact, one of our team members does a family gratitude exercise while the clan soaks the night away. Here’s how she gets the conversation flowing.

Before everyone goes to put on their swimsuits, we hand out a notecard and pen to each person.

We ask them to write down ONE statement. It can be a gratitude, something they are thankful for -or- their favourite moment from the year.

We collect all the notecards in a little holiday bag and take this outside with us.

Once everyone is settled into the hot tub, we start reading out the cards and the conversations just start flowing! A lot can happen in a year and it’s an incredible way to reminisce.

Does your family have a holiday tradition?

Feel free to share with us in the comments or on our social networks!


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