Polish Your Picnic Parties

If you have a hot tub in your yard, you are probably used to your space being the fan favourite for barbeques and parties. But aside from the popularity of your family’s hot tub, how can you ensure that your guests are having the best experience in your yard? If you are entertaining this summer, here are some great ideas to make your party that much more memorable:

  1. BBQ Labels: Buy some letter stamps from your local craft store, and some parchment paper from your grocery store. If you are grilling different cuts of meat, it is a no-brainer that different guests like meat cooked in different ways. On the parchment paper, prepare different sheets that say “Rare” “medium” and “well” with the stamp letters. As the meat is finishing up, place it on the different sheets depending on its temperature.
  2. Set the ambiance: Buy some tin buckets from your local dollar store, and place your citronella candles inside. This is a fun alternative to the traditional, visually unexciting tins that citronella candles come in. Place the tins along walk ways, or hand them from hanging flower bed holders.
  3. Dress up your sauces: For sauces that are a crowd favourite, such as bbq sauce, balsamic vinaigrette, or other dressings, place them in pleasant mason jar. Tie a little piece of twine around the mason jar, and insert the serving utensil between the twine and jar. This is a fun way for presenting your favourite sauces.
  4. Glamourize that old picnic table: Do you have a tired old picnic table? Get it backyard party ready by swapping the middle board with a rain gutter. Fill the rain gutter with ice and beverages for your guests.
  5. Improve your walk way: On the walk way leading up to your front door or back yard, choose a symbol that represents your theme to line the walk way. After selecting a symbol, such as a star, cut the shape out of a big poster board. Now, with some white flour, place the stencil firmly on your grass, and sprinkle some flour. Enjoy your easy new backyard designs!

lawn stars for hot tub party

sifted flour party ideas

creative cutouts for parties

flour stars on lawn for creative parties

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