Why Should You Use A Hot Tub Cover?

hot tub covers canadaA hot tub is an investment. For many, a pre-work or post-work hot tub soak is the crowning moment of the day. For others, a hot tub provides them with a tool to reconnect with loved ones or friends. No matter what the reason for investing in a hot tub or spa, the bottom line is you need to protect your investment!

Keep It Covered

While it may seem like one more thing to buy, a hot tub cover truly puts money back into your pocket. You see, by investing in a hot tub cover and keeping your hot tub covered when not in use, the water can maintain its temperature without wasting precious hydro resources for heating and reheating. In this current climate of rising hydro electricity rates, every penny saved is key!

Next, we look to water evaporation. Think back to science class – do you remember the lesson on evaporation? Bottom line: water evaporates! By using a properly fitted hot tub cover, hot tub owners can gain efficiency by keeping the heat in and reducing evaporation. Much like hydro, water is a precious resource and we should all do our part to reduce unnecessary water loss.

Finally, we turn out eye to the little ones in our life: children and pets. While a hot tub cover should never be used as a safety device or as a replacement for parental supervision, a hot tub cover can act as a safety precaution to keep from accidental falls. In keeping with this line of thought, a hot tub cover can also help tree leaves and other environmental debris from entering the hot tub or spa when not in use. A $2.00 tarp from Dollarama is not the solution if you’re trying to curb detrius, debris and pollutants from entering the water!

hot tub covers canada

So, if you skipped on the purchase of a hot tub cover when you invested in your hot tub – never fear. Hot Tub Covers Canada has helped more than 43,000 customers select the perfect hot tub cover for their tub and setting. If you need assistance in reviewing the options, please feel free to call our Customer Care team at 1.877.544.COVER (2683)

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