Hot Tub Gift Ideas

What to get for the hot tub owner who has everything?

Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, it always seems like a struggle to think of a gift for your loved ones that they will appreciate, and that won’t break the bank. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite hot tub related gifts. Everyone loves their hot tub, and will love your gift to make it even better. So next time you’re stuck for presents, rather than thinking inside the box for the same tired old gift ideas, think inside the tub instead.

Kids of all ages love to splash around and play in the hot tub, and there are a ton of toys out there to add fun and excitement to the hot tub. From rubber ducks to waterproof playing cards, games and toys make a much better gift when you can use them in the hot tub!

If you have someone in your life who deals with a lot of stress, why not help them out by giving them the gift of relaxation? Hot tubs can be a great place to relax, and the experience can be even better with the right products. Hot tub pillows can help make time in the hot tub even more calming. Why not be creative and put together a “relaxation kit,” complete with a luxurious bathrobe, hot tub pillow, scented candles and a rejuvenating herbal tea?
For people who like to socialize in their hot tub, and often play the role of host to their friends and family, why not make the hot tub an even better place to hang out with some helpful gifts? Floating drink coolers can let you stay hydrated without having to leave the tub, and spa caddies that attach to the side of the hot tub save the host from having to leave the party to get drinks and snacks.

Many hot tub owners will also appreciate a gift to help “spruce up” the area around their hot tub. A bold piece of art or interesting item of patio furniture can turn a simple spa area into a place that is trendy and welcoming. If you’re feeling more practical, give the gift of safety by buying non-slip mats or stairs for entering the hot tub.

Whichever item suits you loved ones best, the possibilities are nearly endless in terms of purchasing unique and thoughtful presents for the hot tub owners in your life. Consult your local hot tub dealer, or check out the wide variety of products online. And be careful, most of the products are so great you might just end up buying some for your own hot tub!

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