DDIY Danny Jose Makes the Switch to a Saltwater Hot Tub

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Check out this great review and overview from DDIY Danny Jose. If you’re on the fence about switching to salt water – we urge you to set aside a few minutes and listen to Danny’s advice! #hottub #swimmingpool #saltwater

Convert your hot tub water to salt water with the ChlorMaker DO (Drape Over) Hot Tub and Spa Saltwater System. This unit sits on the side of the spa or hot tub and produces chlorine from the salt water to maintain a natural cleanliness of the water. No more smell of packaged chlorine or bromine. Your skin will feel softer! Watch how to install the unit, configure it, and hear the answers to frequently asked questions about saltwater chlorine generators for your hot tub.

You can get your saltwater chlorine generator at:

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