Shopping For A New Hot Tub Cover Online – What To Look For

what to look for in a hot tub coverShopping for a hot tub cover is even easier today with the many online options available. In order to guarantee you are getting a proper hot tub cover for your needs it is best to ensure you know a little bit about the basic components of a hot tub cover and what specific features you need to look for.

First we will begin with the three basic components of a hot tub cover, which include the foam core, the vinyl covering and the heat seal.

#1  The Foam Core

One of the most important components of a hot tub cover is the foam core. The foam core not only provides the insulation for the cover, but it also helps to give it strength. The majority of hot tub covers use a standard EPS foam core that is gauged at a 1.5-pound density, however there are also covers that are available in the 2-pound density, which will provide extra durability and insulation. Although the latter cover is typically used for larger hot tubs.

#2  The Vinyl Covering

A good vinyl cover will be able to withstand the stresses put on it by the elements, which include sun, rain, snow and ice, and other factors such as mold and chemicals. Furthermore the top portion of a hot tub cover will also need to be able to withstand the harmful effects of UV rays and deter the formation of mold growth. You will want to look for a hot tub cover that is made with at least 25-ounce durable marine grade vinyl and treated to resist the impact of UV rays, mold and mildew, and chlorine, as the bottom portion will be subjected to the sanitizers used in the water.

#3  The Heat Seal

Other than keeping the water clean and protecting your hot tub, the hot tub cover also needs to have a good heat seal in order to make it energy efficient. When you are looking for a hot tub cover you know you will have a good one if the R-value rating is 12 to 13.

Some other features that you want to keep in mind when shopping online for a hot tub cover are the safety features, warranties, and the repair and return policies.

Safety Features

If safety is a concern you will want to look for a hot tub cover that is labelled as a safety cover and meets ASTM standards. The hot tub cover should also have reinforced tie-down straps and locking hardware with keys. This will help to ensure children do not get into the hot tub when unsupervised.


When shopping online it is a good idea to look into the manufacture warranties available for the hot tub cover you are looking to purchase. Take the time to read the policy to ensure that you do not accidentally void the warranty and if available look into the extended warranty options.

Repair and Return Policies

Before you purchase the hot tub cover online make sure you are familiar with the entire repair and return policies of the company. If anything unforeseen happens you want to make sure you can easily return or send back the product for repairs or an exchange.

By following the above recommendations on how to purchase a good hot tub cover online will help to keep your hot tub clean, your children and pets safe, and your energy bills low.

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12 years ago

Really a informative writing. Thanks for consider all important aspect. I just want to add that during buying a hot tub cover safety issuse must be priotritized above all.

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