Hot Tub Covers Canada Vinyl Colour Options

hot tub covers canada vinyl colour swatchesAt Hot Tub Covers Canada, we work hard to offer the largest selection of custom options and colours for those seeking to replace a worn hot tub cover. As styles change and backyards become an extension of a home’s interior, consumers are looking for a vinyl which compliments or enhances their outdoor oasis.  For this reason, Hot Tub Covers Canada is delighted to offer a wide selection of standard and premium colour choices. From Almond to Hunter Green, from Brown to Teal, there is no shortage of colours to consider.

If you are in the market for a replacement hot tub cover, consider ordering a colour swatch package. You can compare your favourite colours in person. Rest assured if you purchase your hot tub cover from us – we will gladly refund the money you paid for the swatches.

For more information or to view our colour options, please visit

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