Top 3 funny hot tub crimes

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Like the good hot tub researchers we are, we receive email alerts for hot tubs in the news. Usually, this yields results for sales and celebrity gossip. But occasionally, we find odd hot tub news stories, which we want to share with you. Here are the top three interesting hot tub news stories:

“I’m cold!”

If you jump into someone’s hot tub without asking, while they’re not home, and you don’t know them, you’re probably going to find yourself in hot water (sorry, had to). While hot tub hopping is not that interesting, this person’s excuse was.

After being arrested for trespassing, this man claims he did so because, wait for it, he was cold. Even if this was my hot tub, I would find that funny.

Let this be a warning, feeling chilly does not warrant trespassing on someone else’s property. Instead, put on a sweater!

Break and… Relax

Much like trespassing, break-and-enter crimes are unfortunately quite common. While no one likes their property and valuables compromised, these Idaho homeowners were likely scratching their heads after seeing this.

A man tried to break into an Idaho cabin, but when he could not make it in, he decided to relax in the hot tub instead. If all they had to worry about was cleaning their hot tub, these residents were probably very relieved he did not steal or damage anything, but perplexed nonetheless.

This could go down in history as one of the laziest break-and-enters ever reported.

Bad news bears

If you live in the country, or have any sort of common sense, you know bear sightings are no laughing matter. But when no one is hurt, and nothing is damaged, bear sightings can be entertaining. This particular bear obviously needed to relax when he attempted to get into someone’s hot tub.

Even those in the area could not resist the cuteness of this video. Next time you get in your hot tub, watch out for unwanted, non-human, guests.

Have you seen any interesting hot tub crimes in the news?

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