Introducing the SmarterChlor from ControlOMatic

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Hot Tub Covers Canada is proud to distribute automated pool and spa solutions from ControlOMatic.  For over 30 years, ControlOMatic has been designing, developing and manufacturing saltwater chlorinators for the swimming pool, spa and hot tub industry.  Their goal has always been to provide leading edge products, while improving water quality and reducing the dependency of chemicals in both residential and commercial settings.

ControlOMatic SmarterChlor

Photo by ControlOMatic showing the Control Panel for the new SmarterChlor

In addressing needs from the spa and hot tub market, ControlOMatic has developed the SmarterChlor.  The only saltwater chlorine generator with built-in chlorine detection technology.  This revolutionary salt chlorine generator only turns on when needed, not according to a timed cycled.  Gone are the days of setting a vacation mode or trying to compensate for temperature variations.

Discover how salt chlorine generators can vastly improve your hot tub or spa maintenance and improve your water quality.  To learn more about the SmarterChlor, please visit our website or our sister website, Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion.


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