Hot Tub Covers Are Important

hot tub covers are importantHot tub covers are important. Whether you just purchased your first hot tub or consider yourself a hot tub enthusiast, you may wonder why investing in a quality cover makes good financial sense. Instead of a lengthy lecture, the team at Hot Tub Covers Canada would like to share our perspective.

In no specific order, here are our top 7 reasons why hot tub covers are important:

1Conserves energy, and reduces costly hydro bills, by keeping in the heat.

2 – Reduces the depletion of hot tub chemicals caused by environmental factors (ie. the sun).

3 – Keeps debris from entering the hot tub water and plumbing lines. Contaminants can include leaves, insects, sand and dirt.

4 – Northern climate hot tub users need a barrier to keep snow and other winter elements at bay, while maintaining water temperature.

5 – Acrylic hot tub shells are suspect to UV damage and fade. A properly fitted cover, with a skirt, will provide invaluable protection.

6 – Children of all ages are drawn to hot tubs. While the volume of water is small compared to a pool, a hot tub is still a large body of water. Avoid accidental drowning by ensuring your cover has a lock and key mechanism.

7 – Pets (and pests) have an uncanny knack for hot tub exploration. Keep furry friends safe by using a hot tub cover when your unit it not in use.

We hope these quick reminders of why hot tub covers are important gave you pause for thought. From a proper fit to ensure efficient operation, to reducing your maintenance time, a high-quality cover can also be a key safety feature in your yard. Protect yourself, and your hot tub. Instead of viewing a hot tub cover purchase as a financial burden, consider it a worthwhile investment.

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